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Miss Vicky's Day Spa

Manicure/Pedicure  |  Foot Detox Spa  |  Body Wraps  |  Massage

Hair Removal  |  Skin Brushing  |  Colonics  |  HGH Extreme

Spa Manicure and Pedicure
(Includes exfoliate, wrap, soak or hot wax)
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We use only all natural products in all of the above services such as:

Olive Oil, Buttermilk, Goat Milk, CoHee, Lavender, Lemon, Avocado, Peppermint, Sea salts,
Flax seed, Oregano Oil, Coconut oil, Cinnamon, Ginger. Our Polishes are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and DE (dlbutyl phthalate)
Nail Color and Acrylic Services
Pink & White • Full Wraps • Fills and Repair

nailcolor services manchester nh  acrylic services nashua nh

Clay Wrap • Fruit Wrap • Polish Change • Exfoliation • Buttermilk Soak • Age Reducer

Call us at: 603-625-9258 for an appointment and current pricing

Spa Manicure
(Includes exfoliate, wrap, soak or Hot wax)


Foot Detox Ion Spa

A holistic way of approaching wellness through saturation of the blood, tissues, cells, and organs with ions. These naturally stimulating and relaxing sessions are based on ionization of the water and osmosis to draw toxins from the body through the feet.

Naturally! Enhance body detoxification; inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast, and Fungus. Reduce Pain, Purify the Blood & Lymph. Stimulate the Immune System, Relieve Tension, Removes Heavy Metals, And Reduce Inflammation

An ion is a "charged" atom that has gained or lost an electron, thus creating a magnetic field capable of neutralizing oppositely charged particles. The Ion Spa’s control head delivers an electrical current through the ionizer array to generate positively charged ions. These ions travel through the body and attach themselves to toxic substances, thereby neutralizing these toxins’ negative charges.

After being neutralized, the toxin particles are pulled by the highly concentrated ion field into the Ion Spa water bath. When the Ion Spas set, positive ions are being produced in the water bath which raises the user’s pH to a more alkaline state. Why is this important? The vast majority of us live in an "acidic state", our bodies contain an excess of hydrogen ions and our pH is typically lower than 7.45. We can greatly benefit from exposure to the Ion Spa as a proven method of "balancing" the user and removing toxins from the system.

Ionization therapy detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocol, with little or no stress to the individual receiving the Ion Spa footbath...a gentle and non-invasive therapy that is anti-aging, energizing, and preventive, all in one!

Body Wraps

Reducing, weight loss, exercise and cellulite control has always been a major problem. The body wrap is an advanced development that works on shrinking and adipose tissue of fat called Cellulite, which is found directly below the surface of the skin. Body Wrapping eliminates toxins and impurities that have built up in the body, and helps to rid the body of Cellulite. It smooths, tightens and softens skin.

The Body Wrap process involves wrapping the body with cotton and elastic strips of cloth, similar to an ace bandage, which have been soaked and heated to a temperature of 150 degrees in out special wrap formula. The wraps are applied tightly to areas needing treatment for Cellulite and inch loss, light in areas where only skin tightening is desired.

Herbal & Sea Clay Formula

Lose inches, cleanse and detoxify with proven Aloe Vera herbal wrap products. Lose even more inches with newly developed seaweed (clay type). Experience a firming and toning effect similar to a full body mud pack.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Noticeable Difference in One Visit!
  • Cleanses Body of Toxins and Impurities
  • Treats Unsightly Cellulite
  • Works for Both Men & Women
  • No Pills or Shots
  • Not a Water Loss Gimmick
  • No Saran Wrap or Plastic
  • Tightens and Tones Your Body
  • Shape-Up Safely
  • Conditions and Softens Skin
  • Slimming and Contouring Effect
  • 100% Safe and Effective
  • Rejuvenates and Revitalizes
  • Fantastic for Psoriasis
  • Firms Up Sagging Skin

Sea Weed (clay type) Formula Aloe Vera Herbal Formula Miracle Gel for Cellulite

Your body wrap session will take approximately 1 1/2 hours. Amount and frequency of wraps vary.

full body massage manchester nh

Massage Therapy

Wake up your senses!! Relieve aches and pains from your muscles.
  Bring your stiff neck and painful back to the healing hands of our Massage Therapist.

(back, shoulders, neck)
15 minutes $15
20 minutes $20

1/2 hour


Our Deep Tissue Massage is a deep, slow, steady movement, allowing the body to relax. The right amount of pressure is applied to the more tense areas of your body, relaxing your muscles and tendons. It is ideal for chronic pain, and areas that need special attention.

50 Minutes $75.00
90 Minutes $140.00


Enjoy the benefits of a massage while relaxing next to your significant other, or friend. The Couples Massage makes a great gift, allowing two people to have their aches and pains relieved while in the same room.

50 Minutes each $120


Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet with a premise that such work effects a physical change to the body. You will leave feeling as though you have had a full body massage!

50 Minutes $75

Full Body Hair Removal with Soy

full body hair removal nashua nh

Nufree is NOT a wax. It is the only NON-WAX, soy-based hair removal system on the planet! It is antimicrobial (destroys growth of microorganisms), antibacterial (destroys the growth of bacteria) and anhydrous (a repellant to all moisture). Nufree is a soy-based product and is not made from sugars or wax.  Nufree is so safe and gentle it can remove hair on over 98% of the body. No waxes can say that.

Deep Skin Brushing

deep skin brushing manchester nh

Skin brushing opens the pores, stimulates the sweat glands and increases blood circulation to underlying tissues and organs. Removing the top layer of dead skin and stimulating the circulation of the blood is essential for maintaining youthful, glowing skin. Loss of weight and Cellulite is an added benefit.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Are you toxic? If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, colon therapy may be your answer.

Fatigue • Depression • Not feeling well • Insomnia • Gas or Bloating • Swelling in the legs • Headaches • Nervousness • Irritability • Craving of foods • Nausea • Anxiety & Worry • Overweight • Protruding abdomen • Abdominal Discomfort • Bad Breath • Always cold • Menstrual Problems • Poor Appetite • Skin Problems • Neuritis and Neuralgia • Loss of Memory or Concentration • Lack of interest in Work or Play • Lack of Sexual Response

HGH Extreme

Discover how HGH Extreme can make you look, feel and stay younger!
Have you ever wondered if there is a way to avoid the negative affects of aging?

Why do we need HGH?

We have a lot of it when we are young but our production of HGH falls 80% from age 21 to 61.  Due to the STRESS and increasing TOXINS in our environment, production of HGH fails even faster than normal.  So in effect, YOU AGE FASTER!

Daily growth hormone secretions diminish with age.  By age 40, virtually everyone is deficient in growth hormone. 

Some of the symptoms may include:

  • Loss of muscle

  • An increase of fat

  • Decrease of physical mobility

  • Decreased socialization

  • Decrease energy levels

  • Diminished healing ability

  • Greater risk of cardiovascular disease

Give Miss Vicky a call to find out more about HGH Extreme!

 Spa Packages:

4 -1 hour $200.00

4-1 hour deep tissue $260.00

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